Combined forces!

Childcare for a better society

The foundation of KMN Kind & Co has joined forces with Ludens! Kind & Co Ludens is the new childcare organization in the central part of the Netherlands that aims to make a societal impact.

We’re working on a sustainable society where all children have the chance to develop their talents through playing and learning, to discover the world around them, and to grow into strong adults. We are working towards a positive and healthy future. Together with our 2,700 professional and involved teachers who give their all to the kids every day, we are there for both the children and the parents.

Pedagogical vision

Development through play

Our priority is the children’s healthy development. From the smallest babies to the oldest elementary school kids. We offer the children a safe, warm, and challenging environment where they get to know themselves, other children, and learn which talents they have. Our enthusiastic teachers encourage the children to try new things and have experiences based on their own curiosity and creativity. We want all of our children to feel empowered.


Investing in today and the future

We aren’t only focused on today, but also on the future. We are a societal childcare organization without a profit motive. Our proceeds are directly invested in the wellbeing and development of the children we take care of. We also stimulate continuing education and development for our teachers. This is one of the ways that we ensure the quality of our childcare.

An inclusive society

Combined strengths

We’re building an inclusive society, but not alone. Together with elementary schools, municipalities and other partners committed to social work, we do our best every day to attend to the social challenges surrounding young children.

Enthusiastic and competent

Dedicated professionals

With more than 500 childcare locations in the central part of the Netherlands, Kind & Co Ludens is literally in the middle of society. This allows us to meet the needs of parents all over the country. Our dedicated teachers ensure that both parents and children immediately feel at home at our locations. Our involved and enthusiastic teachers are childcare experts. They know what children need for a healthy development and give them the right tools and space to discover their talents. They do this day in, day out, with love for the children and passion for the field.





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